100 Bones Band Rocks Tapwerks

Posted on September 13, 2011


Friday night at Tapwerks in OKC marked another riveting performance by 100 Bones Band - if you missed it, you definitely missed out...


Before the band took stage, the venue seemed nothing more than ordinary; clusters of patrons sporadically seated at tables and bar stools more interested in their drinks and fellow bar-mates than anything else.  But, the environment quickly livened as the band fired up - and by the end of their opening song, mobs of people had migrated from the far corners of the bar lured by the bands energetic, rhythmic and surprisingly refreshing musical taste.

100 Bones Band broke the mold Friday night, as the band strayed from typical, over-played classic rock covers - instead, igniting the crowd with an eclectic variety of rocksteady, progressive and contemporary rock hits from artists like; Bob Marley, Dave Matthews Band and Sublime.  Their performance was smooth, entertaining and above all, fresh. 

In between sets, the band members drifted through the audience engaging all their fans - they were not only a great band to see live, but a great group of guys to personally get aquainted with.

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