Amanda and Kayla take on InternOKC

Posted on July 11, 2014

Amanda and Kayla loved the InternOKC program this summer! Read about their experiences here!

     This summer, two Box Talent interns, Amanda and Kayla, were given the opportunity to participate in the Greater Grads InternOKC program. The program is designed to inform interns, from many different states and companies, about all of the amazing opportunities that Oklahoma City has for young professionals.

     There were many speakers from all walks of life, and of course it was always exciting that prizes were given out at each session! The program was also a fantastic way for interns to begin building their professional network.


(Kayla and Amanda at the InternOKC finale)


     InternOKC is great for both locals and those who live out of state. Kayla was born and raised in Oklahoma City and the program gave her more confidence in choosing to stay. “I’ve seen the changes that Oklahoma City has gone through, and I understand how united we are as a community, but there has always been part of me that thinks I should try to go somewhere else. InternOKC helped me realize that Oklahoma City is definitely where I belong.” 

     Amanda, on the other hand, is from Texas and attends college in Oklahoma. She felt that the program was, “… a good experience, especially since I am from Texas. It was cool to learn about what OKC has to offer, and it was nice meeting other interns!”

     InternOKC was a great experience for the Box Talent interns, and they would highly recommend the program to anyone who has the opportunity to attend.



(All the interns that attended the program!)