Chinatown Electrifies Crowd at Down Under Pub in Fairview

Posted on November 15, 2011

As I walked in, Chinatown was already at full-boar, flooring fans with new-age favorites, classic hits and 80’s pop sensations.  The vibe was gripping and certainly entertaining as dozens of bar-goers had already began shamelessly cutting the rug up!chinatown_pic_1.JPG

The combination of Chinatown’s flawless take on pop favorites like Gwen Stefani’s “Keep on Dancin’” and timeless classic-rock hits like Aerosmith’s “Rock This Way” kept their age- eclectic audience deeply engaged.  The band showed a unique ability to shift from one musical genre to another without losing momentum or gusto – a skill-set which proved paramount in keeping the energy and excitement high. 

Aside from the band’s spot-on recreation of iconic hit songs; lead singer, Lyn Gamez shined through, wooing her audience with a combination of raw talent, non-stop enthusiasm and superstar-like good looks.  For all Dallas area music connoisseurs, keep Chinatown on your radar – look for them to grow into their own, and gain prominence within the Dallas area music scene.  For more information about Chinatown’s upcoming shows, revised song-lists and updated news visit their Facebook fan page at