How to manage Momzilla

Posted on June 24, 2015

Is your mother trying to take over your wedding planning?

Use these tips on how to manage Momzilla to insure that she does not interfere with what YOU and your partner want on your wedding day.

How to manage momzilla


   A mother’s job is to always be there for her children and to provide them with a life better than the life they had. There are times when those mothers cam cross the line and try controlling their children’s lives. This is especially true when it comes to the mother, daughter relationship. A mother tends to live their dreams through their daughters which can be extremely irritating to the daughter.

   One occasion where the mother can really over step her boundaries when it comes to her daughter is, her daughter’s wedding. Although it’s not her day, mom wants to feel special at her daughter’s wedding too. Those moms can typically be more difficult to deal with during the wedding planning than the bride. Sandy Malone with the Huffington Post provided 5 good tips for dealing with a difficult mother of the bride during the wedding planning and ceremony.

  1. Warn your wedding planner. If they know, they can help run interference against her to insure that the bride will still get to enjoy her day.
  2. Make all the big decisions before the Momzilla gets involved so that they can’t be changed once she does.
  3. Let your vendors know not to take any orders from the Momzilla. No song request and no picture requests, if the bride or groom did not request it, it’s not happening!
  4. Find something that isn’t as important to you that you can put the mother of the bride in charge of like the welcome bags, a bridal luncheon, etc.
  5. Assign a good friend (preferably one of hers who “get” the situation) and have them keep her entertained. Momzilla just likes attention so if someone is giving it to her then she should stay out of your hair.

   The mother of the bride does play a very special part in what brought the bride and groom together. However it is not her day, it’s the bride and groom'sn day. No matter what the circumstances, don’t give anyone the power to make you or your guests unhappy on your wedding day and all will be golden.