Intern OKC 2012

Posted on August 1, 2012

This summer, two of our interns completed the Greater Grad's Intern OKC summer program. Intern OKC is a series of four weekly lunches that highlight the many benefits of living in Oklahoma.ladytalking.JPG

Session one of Intern OKC was held at the Cox Convention Center in Downtown OKC. The topic of this session was "The Political Scene." Speakers Kirk Humphreys and Patt Hall held a political debate and accepted questions from the audience. Along with lunch, there was also a mock Presidential election. After all of the votes were tallied, Romney won the election.

Read more about the Intern OKC sessions and watch a short youtube video after the jump!


The second session was held at the Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club. The topic for this session was "Sports, Recreation and Fun." Speakers Brian Byrnes, OKC Thunder's Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and Mike Knopp, Executive Director of the Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation, advised interns on ways to get involved in recreational activities in Oklahoma City.


Networking is one of the main benefits of attending Intern OKC. Here is one of Box Talent's interns, Madison, conversing with interns at her table.

"Intern OKC was a great experience for me. Honestly, before I started Intern OKC I imagined my life in any other state but Oklahoma. After the first few sessions I could actually see the potential for a great life here in Oklahoma. With Oklahoma's growing job market, we all have a chance to make something of ourselves," Madison said.

"Greater Grads has opened my eyes to what OKC has to offer new graduates. Previous to Intern OKC, I thought my path after graduation would lead me to Texas or elsewhere. The networking I was able to do will help me with job opportunities in the near future. OKC has so much to offer that it is hard to not give this market a chance," Brittanie, another Box intern, said.

Both of Box Talent's interns who attended Intern OKC are students from Oklahoma State.


Session three was held at the Skirvin Hilton Hotel in OKC. The topic for session three was "Pursuing Your Passion." Interns listened to David Box, President and CEO of Box Ventures, and Ryan Groves, CEO of the Wishing Well, speak about how to attain your goals. Session three was many of the interns' favorite session due to the large amounts of questions David took from the audience.

 Check out the video that was presented at the last session below!

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