Intern OKC: Lexy Fields

Posted on August 13, 2015

InternOKC is a program built to show interns the benefits of living and working in OKC. Lexy Fields was an intern at Box Talent and participated in the InternOKC program in the summer of 2015. Once she completed the program she looked back at some of the valuable information she learned. Read about it here.

Let me just start off by saying, I usually don’t enjoy conferences. Business clothes make me nervous, the people all seem to be looking at my usually crazy colored hair and someone asks me about my uncertain plans for the future,.

But Intern OKC was a completely different experience. From the moment I arrived, there was a fun, new energy that filled the building. Everyone was obviously excited to be there and they were eager to introduce themselves. Each and every Wednesday was a repeat of this and I could not have enjoyed it more. All the speakers were truly knowledgeable and shared great thoughts of wisdom but two in particular stuck out to me – Renzi Stone and Brian Bergman.

Mr. Stone spoke at the first event and what really stuck with me was his ability to keep the young crowd interested. He roamed around the tables and made eye contact with everyone who was brave enough to look him in the eye. Every word was filled with passion and was not without meaning. He believed what he said and he wanted you to believe it as well. And we all did believe him. His knowledge of the business world was outstanding and it was truly a pleasure to hear him speak.

Mr. Bergman was absolutely incredible. He has been such an innovator for the Oklahoma City community and has really brought a fresh artistic view into a growing city. With his passionate quotes, everyone in the room was mesmerized. He spoke of this city with such love in his heart that I, the girl who grew up in a suburb in Oklahoma and promised to never return, wanted to move to OKC. Mr. Bergman had a passion that I shared - to bring art of all kinds back into Oklahoma. I had the chance to speak to him after the event and he was such a kind soul as well as an encourager. 

I had moved away for college to get out of Oklahoma. I never wanted to come back and coming home for the summer seemed like an endless bore. But when I arrived in this beautiful state, I was pleasantly surprised by all the new things that had emerged in the city. There were a crazy amount of things for me and my friends to do and I was ready to explore all that OKC had to offer. Intern OKC opened my eyes to how truly wonderful this city is and all the amazing reasons that we should continue to keep our talents in Oklahoma and help the city grow.


Yours truly,