July Out & About

Posted on July 11, 2014

The interns got to see Laura Leighe and Shakers of Salt for their July Out and About! Read more to see what they thought of these Box Talent bands!

Cherie and Kayla decided to go see Laura Leighe at Baker St. Pub in OKC for their July out and about. While they played a few original songs, the band was extremely versatile in the songs they covered and surprised the audience by performing hits by Drake, Michael Jackson and Dexy’s Midnight Runners (the band that brought you Come on Eileen). Their performance was exciting, and it was clear that the audience was enjoying the show because they were singing and dancing along to each song! Laura had a fantastic stage presence and interacted with the audience during each set.

It will be great to see how this band’s music career plays out. It seems like they are destined for great things!



Megan and Amanda decided to go see Shakers of Salt at O Asian Fusion in Norman for their Out and About. Shakers of Salt is a local three piece band that covers many artists ranging from Sublime to Amy Winehouse. However, this time it was just one Shaker of Salt. Megan really enjoyed the laid back performance, “He sang a lot of well known covers and had a unique voice.” He seemed to be comfortable performing on stage, and Megan and Amanda had a really great time!