Louie's Summer Concert Series

Posted on July 31, 2013

          Louie’s Summer Concert series is in full swing at Louie’s on the Lake . Every other Friday beginning at 8 p.m., Louie’s hosts an amazing Box Talent band for an outdoor show. With five shows remaining this summer there are ample opportunities to enjoy great entertainment coupled with fantastic food and service.  All of this with sweeping views of beautiful Lake Hefner. It is a rare chance to see some of the finest entertainment the Oklahoma City area has to offer, for free. All you have to do to enjoy the show is arrive and grab your favorite drink.



Dave and the Wavetones

        We’ve previously enjoyed shows by: Dave and the Wavetones, Hook, Superfreak, SquadLive, and Banana Seat.

       The five remaining shows are: Superfreak : August 2, Stars:  August 9, Groove Merchants : August 23, SquadLive: September 6, and  Banana Seat: September 20.


Squadlive with Jack Elliot from 98.9 KISS FM.

            Each band playing has enjoyed great turn out and filled the dance floor.  Superfreak, known for their flashy disco costumes and special pizzazz, played the opening show. Banana Seat , who rocks hard-to-cover songs from the 70’s and 80’s, will play the final show in the series.

            At each show, a Box Talent intern has attended in an official capacity to staff our table and answer any questions from attendees.  In addition, many of our agents can be found in the crowd, enjoying the show. All agree that Louie’s is the place to be these warm summer evenings, and from the response at the show, it appears the Oklahoma City residents agree!



Superfreak getting superfreaky.

            Oklahoma weather hasn’t been kind to us this season and the concert series wasn’t immune some cancelations due to weather. In a display of dedication and professionalism, the bands have always found a way to reschedule and not leave fans out in the rain, so to speak.  So if you are worried about missing your favorite band due to weather, never fear.  You’ll almost certainly have another chance to see them!

            To learn more about the bands please visit the bands section of our site or give us a call.