Meet the Interns!

Posted on February 18, 2014

Box Talent has been fortunate to have some great interns both past and present work for the agency. This spring semester we are excited to have welcomed Emily Coursey, Blake Condren, Patrick Hayes, Sicily Splitt and Alyssa McCain! Each intern has unique attributes that enables them to carry out different tasks durings the week. In addition, each intern has been paired with an agent that handles different responsibilities. 

Not only do the interns get to know their agent, the company and more about the industry, but they also get to know one another. Each month interns get to choose a band that has signed with Box Talent and go as a group to different venues to watch the band play. This is a rewarding opportunity for them because they get to know each other better and also have the chance to meet the band!



Emily Cursey attends the University of Oklahoma and is graduating in May. Her major is public relations and has a minor in enterprise studies. On a daily basis at Box Talent, she answers the phone, coordinates with bands through email about booking dates and upcoming openings, runs errands and helps her agent, Kym, organize the band detail sheets. So far she has learned how a smaller business, like a talent agency, deals with their bands and clients. She has also learned that one must be professional and keep in contact with these people often to make sure everything stays planned. 

“Box Talent Agency has been by far my favorite experience in a working situation yet. I love contacting and talking to the bands and getting to book their performances. Everyone is so friendly and helpful here, and it really makes me want to continue my work at a talent agency someday; maybe even my own!”

Blake Condren graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a dregree in marketing. On a daily basis he assists his agent, BJ, with contacting venues and clients to negotiate pricing for featured bands on the website as well as contacting venues to discuss possible bookings. So far he has learned that being a booking agent can be a lot of work, but once you have booked a venue that you have contacted it is very fulfilling. He has also learned that you have to contact multiple venues just to get one to respond, but says it is worth it in the end when you send them the contract and make the deal. 

“Being a band booking intern can be stressful and hard work at times, but when you make the deal it is very rewarding!”

Patrick Hayes is in his last semester at the University of Oklahoma and will graduate in May with a degree in public relations and a minor in Health and Exercise Science. On a daily basis, he interacts on social media by updating the Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as keeping the website updated. In addition, he promotes bands by featuring them on the social media accounts. He has learned that it is important to keep the conversation going on social media by interacting with followers both regarding Box Talent and other things happening in the industry. Also, he has learned the process of getting the bands names out there, how to book with an agency, knowing the band names and the different places they play.

“It’s great to work behind the scenes and see bands that book your agency. It’s nice to be trusted already to be able to blast something on social media or the website and be confident that you can get the message across.”

Sicily Splitt is a marketing student at the University of Oklahoma. On a daily basis she helps her agent, Rebecca, with event planning and making calls to clients about certain events. She has learned a lot about time management and being organized because you never know what could happen with an event. She has helped out with different events including the Oklahoma Wedding Magazine show in Tulsa and the Speakers Ball.

“It was a really cool experience getting to meet Juliana Rancic and being able to organize the Speakers Ball. It was such a rewarding experience.”

Alyssa McCain studies at the University of Central Oklahoma. She majors in public relations and minors in marketing and journalism. On a daily basis she helps assist her agent, Amy, with real estate activities, administration duties and event coordinating. She has become an expert using excel and making spreadsheets. Alyssa has learned more about the entertainment world, event planning and the real estate side of the business that she never knew about.

“I really enjoy checking out the new bands with the interns during our out & abouts.”


Box Talent is looking for college students who want to work in a fun, fast-paced environment! We offer 5 Summer 2014 Intern Positions to help Box Talent with everyday tasks. Intern positions include Administrative intern, Band Booking intern, Web intern, Marketing intern and Event Coordinating intern. To apply for the summer internship program visit the Greater Grads website.