SquadLive at Brothers Eatery & Pub

Posted on November 8, 2011

Talk about a "must see"

Occasionally you’ll catch an unfamiliar band that completely knocks you back with their performance. It’s hard to put down in words the experience provided by SquadLive last Friday at Brothers Eatery & Pub located in Norman. But I suppose, I’ll do my best to try.

                Crammed within the confines of Brothers’ back room (the bar is split with a wall directly down the middle separating  two rooms that hold a capacity of nearly a hundred each) were nearly two hundred students and parents. While some were trying to battle their way to the front of the bar through the seemingly immovable mass of people, most of the bar’s patrons were socializing amongst themselves as the tuning of SquadLive’s amps broke the silence in the background. The mood was already set. The whole bar shared a collective happiness complemented with beer and family. Then, like a firework exploding in a pitch black room, SquadLive’s speakers blasted the opening riff of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” captivating everyone in the room’s attention. These guys killed it. The eight man band electrified their audience into becoming a background choir. The energy of SquadLive last Friday night was like a spirit possessing each listener’s body, forcing them to dance and sing. The song list was versatile with genres spreading from contemporary pop to classic rock to 70’s funk. In short, it was a good time. SquadLive is the perfect group for a big party because they have a vast instrument spread comparable to a jazz group and rock band intertwined. Therefore, you never know what you’re going to hear from them; they can play it all!