Company Anniversary - Jeff Scheel

Posted on February 12, 2016

The Man. The Rockstar. The Legend. This month we get to celebrate Jeff Scheel’s 13 year anniversary with Box Talent!

Q:  When did you start working at BTA?

      A: February 10, 2003


Q:  How did you wind up working at BTA? (have you always wanted to work in the entertainment industry?)

      A: I have made a living from the entertainment business virtually my entire adult life. I   have known David Box since he booked me in a cover band called About Face in 1987. After I traveled the world with the band Gravity Kills and left the band in 2002, I moved to Oklahoma City to start a family. After about 6 months of restoring a historic home I had purchased in OKC and playing basketball in my driveway,  I contacted David to let him know I was in town. He had me produce a big corporate event for the company in December of 2002. I guess I did a good job. The company offered me a full time position a month later.  


Q: What was the coolest memory/accomplishment you’ve had while working here?

     A: You might think it would be the some of the large shows I have produced over the years but I think my biggest accomplishment has been cultivating the great relationships I have with our bands and our clients over the past 13 years.


Q:  What advice would you give to those wanting to find a career in the music/entertainment industry?

      A: The best advice I could give to someone wanting a career in the business it you must have the ability to wear many hats and take on many different roles. You must be able to fill many job descriptions. Secondary advice is, if something can happen, it will happen. You must over plan, over prepare and over communicate.


Q:  Who is your role model?

      A: My role model is my father. He made his mark in the publishing business by outworking everyone.


Q:  What is your spirit animal and why?

      A: My spirit animal would be a monkey. I am smarter than I look, I learn quickly, I am curious and I like to have fun.