Kirk Riggs and the Dewey Drivers Band

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The Band consists of Kirk Riggs, lead vocal, rhythm guitar; Taylor Reed,
harmony vocals, lead guitar; Ryan Oldham, rhythm guitar; James Marris,
bass; and Ryan Roring, drums. Kirk is the primary lyricist, writing most
of the songs. He and the rest of the band put music to the words. With
their combined talents, their works have a unique quality that is not seen
in most music today.

On their new E.P. "Live at Sully's", Kirk and company express their views
ranging from relationships, addiction, and the simple life of growing up in
southern rural Oklahoma. In the opening track "When Tomorrow Becomes Now",
Kirk and company deal with how it is to live in a small town where everyone
knows you and everything about you. When relationships go sour it seems all
your friends take sides and you feel you just need to get away from this
small town and maybe things will get better. Also featured on the E.P. is
"I Met the Devil". The "Devil" is ANY addiction people struggle with and
question why we can't get away from it.

Kirk Riggs and The Dewey Drivers Band have played for sold out crowds
including Stillwater, Oklahoma and Ardmore. Kirk got his start playing
alongside performers such as Jeff Hobbs and Rich O'Toole. Soon after, he was
playing areas from Muskogee to Ardmore, Oklahoma and Paris, Texas to
Stillwater, Oklahoma with famous acts such as Jason Boland, Reckless Kelly,
and the Bart Crow Band.

They have also donated a lot of time to benefits and charitable events
including Kraig Lee Hodge Memorial Scholarship Fund during "Kooterfest",
with Stoney Larue, "Downtown Festival", an event promoting live music in
Ardmore, Suzy's Fund an event to raise money for those afflicted with
Craniosynestosis, and "Tornado Benefit Jam" to benefit the victims of the
deadly tornado in Lone Grove, Oklahoma; Kirk Riggs and the DDB were on the
bill along with Country Music Mega Star Chris Cagle.

Kirk Riggs & the DDB wrap the audience in a high energy performance that
brings you into the emotions of the songs they write. After watching the
intense performance, the crowd feels like they have walked in the bands'