Banda Gabachos

Artist Info

Banda Gabachos is a new banda in Oklahoma! Established in the fall of 2015, several musicians came together to begin this new project. after several hard months of rehearsals, the band made it's debut at the Plaza Mayor Cinco de Mayo celebration on May 1st, 2016!  

The group is composed of many top level musicians and music professors.  Forming the foundation of the group are Alec Balcom - percussion, Armando Rivera - percussion, Aryn Wright - clarinet, Charlie Reeves - tuba, Evan Chancellor - alto horn/french horn, Logan Fish - alto horn, Mike Ford - trumpet, Michael Stafford - clarinet, Robert Ruiz - trumpet, Sean Wright - trombone, Todd Balcom - percussion, Thomas Cortes - trombone, Travis Henson - trumpet,  and Zach Teague - alto horn.