SPeaker Information

Nick's speaking program- "True Thoughts" is empowering, motivating, highly interactive, and fun! This is more than just a speech, it's an engaging learning program. Nick talks about what body language and micro expressions are as well as why people can be deceptive. He teaches you how to spot deception, how to read body language, and micro expressions to read people's thoughts and know their true intentions. You will have a clear understanding of what the benefits are as well as acquired several skills so you can immediately start reading people in your daily life by the end of the program. Knowing how to read micro expressions, body language, and spot deception can give you a great advantage when interacting with other people. No prerequisites are required for this program. Guaranteed results! 

Why would you have Nick speak at your event? Ask yourself the following questions. Are you-

Having trouble building a rapport with people?
Having difficulty getting the sale?
Having difficulty selecting the right candidate for the job ?
Having a tough time when interviewing for a job?
Having difficulty determining if people are being honest with you?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, having Nick speak at your event is the solution.

-This program is available for individuals upon request-

Nick Compise is an expert on human behavior and reading people. He shares his abilities by speaking to companies, organizations, and colleges the importance of non-verbal communication and how to read people. One of his greatest talents is in teaching with 16 years of experience. Having both a bachelor and master degree in education, Nick really excels as a speaker/instructor with his ability to relate the information to his clients so that they can immediately retain the information being taught. Now, it's your turn! Learn the skills from the most powerful speaking program offered to improve both your professional and personal life!