Keynote Speaker - David Hira

Artist Info

Entertainer, comedian, magician, public speaker, motivational speaker and inspirational speaker David Hira. Yep, you've found him!

“Contagious enthusiasm with a wealth of experience." 
David Hira tours the country entertaining and inspiring audiences through laughter, fun and experience. Based in Dallas Texas, David travels nationwide and abroad.

David's love for magic began when he was a child living in Chicago. His dad took him to a Chicago car show where David saw his first live magician who was fun and entertaining. He instantly fell in love with magic and theatre and began performing shows when he was in junior high. Watching master magician Mark Wilson and David Copperfield on television was simply inspiring to this young performer. As David developed as a performer and magician, he began to see that his magic was more than simple entertainment - it was proof that anything is possible! David loves to show people how they have the same power in their lives as he does as a magician. Through his magic and his motivational speaking, David strives to show people how to find ways to do things instead of reason's they couldn't do them. The lessons David learned through his magic have helped him throughout his many varied careers. His persistence in finding ways to accomplish his goals combined with his passion for helping others achieve their goals make David the ideal leader to build succesfull teams and give people the motivational tools they need.


"Thanks for your highly entertaining message that reminded me how individually amazing each one of us is. Thanks for stating so eloquently that we’re here to help each other and unless we share our intentions we won’t know how to give (or get) help. Thanks for making our customer’s time away from their businesses valuable. Thanks for making me think and laugh and believe that just about everything really IS possible. I look forward to the next time our paths cross and hope that it will be soon!" - -- Robin - U.S. Foodservice (Denver)

"You did a great job of inspiring my people to motivate themselves to be better..."-- Gary - CEO - NFC Marketing Company

"...Your presentation was great. It was the best presentation we have seen at one of our combined corporate events." - -- Robert - Indigent Healthcare Solutions