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3 Fools on 3 Stools

3 Fools on 3 Stools

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The musical talent and diversity that the Fools deliver for each and every performance is a big part of why they are such a hit with their audiences, but add in their charming stage personality and quick-wit humor…and you’ve got more than just a party! In a few words… it’s a root’n, toot’n, heck of a time! The 3 Fools will delight and entertain audiences with their one-of-a-kind musical and stage show production. A show runs guests through a glorious gamut of the Fools’ superb vocal talents, remarkable guitar skills, and playful—at times, downright hilarious—banter. The spotlight shifts focus from Curtis, Doc and Jim in a round-robin fashion, as they lead the performance in a mix of classic covers, funny songs, radio-play originals and show-stopping three-part harmonies.

Each interactive show engages the audience with a chance to win the Fools’ “fabulous gifts and prizes,” playing fun games that can get just plain riotous. Contest games include Guess that TV Tune, as played on bass guitar, and Name That Classic, as identified by sample guitar licks. Additionally, guests will be treated to “tacky tunes,” a collection of hysterical original works that are sure to slap knees and spit sides.

A 3 Fools production showcases this dynamic trio’s musical genius, charismatic charm and quick-wit personalities in an outstanding performance…that is sure to get you standing on your feet!

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