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Bottom of the Barrel

Bottom of the Barrel

Artist Information

The Bottom of the Barrel is a Bluegrass/Country/Americana band based out of Oklahoma City. Their signature sound comes from their driving, acoustic instrumentals and their powerhouse three part harmonies. They perform a large catalogue of original songs that cover the entire range of emotional and mental spectrum that derive from years of being part of the hard working class of America. Drinking songs, heart break tunes, and celebrations of being alive (despite their best efforts) make their music one of a kind.

Song List

Blood & booze – original

Luchenbach Texas – cover

Carry On – original

Wagon Wheel – cover

Blood Gold – original

Folsom Prison Blues – cover

Beauty Underneath – original

Turtles All the Way Down – cover

Preacher Can’t Save – original

The Highway Up – original

Numb His Love – Original

Fat Bottom Girls – Cover

Hung Over You – original

Come on Eileen – Cover

Fishing For You – original

I swear to god – Cover

Steal You Away – original

Summer Rain and Whiskey – original

Billie Jean – Cover

Drink, Drank, Drunk – original

Man of Constant Sorrow – Cover

Oklahoma Boy – original

Tennessee Whiskey – Cover

Turn me on – original

Country Roads – Cover

White House Roads – Cover

Liquor & Shine – original

Cover Me Up – Cover

Nashville – original

Alabama high test – Cover

Mrs. Jenadine – original

On the road again – Cover

I call it home – original

Oklahoma Boy – original

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