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Clint Scholz Band

Clint Scholz Band

Artist Information

CLINT SCHOLZ BAND is made of musicians with diverse backgrounds ranging from gospel to bluegrass, country, symphony, rock and metal. Each of these genres can be heard in CSB’s heartfelt songs about love, pain, and everything that makes up life. CSB prioritizes relating to their fans individually and as a whole through their music. Clint is recognized widely as a gripping songwriter and is known for his thought provoking subjects and his ear-catching hooks. Each show, CSB takes their fans on an emotional experience full of laughter and pain.

CSB fans have become quickly and insanely addicted to country lyrics with a rock guitar and a fiddle to appeal to every person’s heart and ear. CSB started playing as a group in early 2015. They have flown through Oklahoma and west Arkansas like a wildfire, gaining fans and consuming everyone in their path. “We aren’t going to stop until every country, rock and red dirt fan has had a chance to decide whether they love us or not!”

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