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Corey D. Taylor

Corey D. Taylor

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Corey D. Taylor is perhaps one of America’s best kept secrets. For the past seven years, Corey has had the opportunity to partner with companies, organizations, schools, colleges, churches, and institutional outreach programs. Corey Taylor is continually earning recognition for his ability to engage and captivate audiences all around the country. Corey uses humor and honesty to inspire youth and adults to live highly effective  and productive lives. He delivers practical and heart-felt words of wisdom that motivate and educate while entertaining audiences and helping them to transform their lives. Corey has developed navigational tools to help people become empowered and inspired to move to their next level of success.

As a child, Corey grew up in heart of St. Louis, Missouri. He had to deal with many personal obstacles, ranging from poverty to learning disabilities.  However, he was determined to find his window of success. He refused to give up and decided to pursue education as an alternative to the streets of St. Louis. While attending college, working, and having a family, Corey learned many lessons about life, relationships, commitment, faith, and the value of hard work. After coming into the richness of these lessons, Corey knew he could finally decipher the great wealth he had lying dormant within to help others succeed at life.

After obtaining an Associate of Arts Degree from Coffeyville Community College, as well as Bachelor and Master Degrees from Pittsburg State University, Corey realized he had gift to inspire and teach. Corey has been speaking for 17 years and has the proven experience and credentials needed to get lasting results.

Corey has had many achievements. He was the associate producer on an award winning documentary (Wayman Tisdale Story); elected school board member; Who’s Who Among American Educators; author of “The Other’aire”; and Founder of Conquest, Inc. Corey has several other accolades that can be attributed to his leadership which he often speaks about in his presentations.

Corey currently spends his time educating, writing books, and launching his new company (The Catalyst Resources) which helps people excel through Catalyst Coaching and self-empowerment.

“Explosive” and “forceful” have been just some of the words used to describe being in the presence of one of Corey Taylor’s engagements.

Client Reviews

I’ve had the opportunity to be present during one of Mr. Corey Taylor’s presentations, and it was refreshing. The topic was of great interest, the content was relevant, and the delivery was superb. Mr. Taylor is dynamic and forceful. His commentary brings home the point that we must each strive to do better to our global community, our children, and ourselves! – V. Kaye

Corey Taylor captured and intrigued our high school students the entire time he was speaking.  His message could be related to all students from elementary to college age.  Corey takes you from the dark shadows of his growing up years to his successful life as it is today.  Corey has the ability to make you laugh and make you cry all within a short moment.  It says it all, when the students at the conference wrote on their evaluation, “Bring Corey back next year.  We loved him.  – Trudi

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