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Cutter Elliott

Cutter Elliott

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Cutter Elliott is a Norman, Oklahoma native who loves to sing traditional country music. He was introduced to the music of Johnny Cash by his Grandfather when he was the age of four years old.  “I love the way Johnny Cash’s music tells stories and how he makes you believe every word he sings” said Cutter.  Cutter’s love for music doesn’t stop there though with a love and passion for traditional country music some of his other favorite artists include George Strait, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings and George Jones. Cutter also enjoys some more current artists as well such as Josh Turner & Blake Shelton.

When Cutter was born, he was already listening to music, his mom would put a music box next to his ear every night at the hospital when he was in his incubator in the NICU. Cutter started performing and was interested in music before he could even walk or talk. At the age of 2 ½ he attended Cochran’s Music preschool in Norman. “I can remember when I was about 4 or 5 years old or maybe even younger I became a huge Elvis fan. I have always been a fan of the music before my time, the SUN Record era where Elvis, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins started” said Cutter.

Cutter attended Cleveland Elementary school in Norman. When he was in the 3rd grade he performed for his peers at an assembly with a version of Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues. “I have always known I wanted to be a singer from a very young age, but from that day on I really knew this is what I wanted to do for a living” said Cutter. While in elementary school Cutter was nominated by his peers and teachers for the state of Oklahoma, “Yes, I Can Award” through the Council for Exceptional Children. Winning that award qualified him to go to Utah where he won the national “Yes, I Can Award”. Cutter performed for the state superintendents Walk the line for boys’ and girls’ event. “I really enjoyed performing at Sandy Garrets Walk the line for boys’ and girls’ event, I remember that was the largest crowd I have ever performed in front of even up to that point in my life I believe”.

Country music isn’t all Cutter has ever done. Every summer Cutter participated in Broadway plays at the Sooner Theater in Norman. “The first play I was in at the Sooner was Bye, Bye Birdie, I played Harvey Johnson. I enjoyed being in plays there but one day I decided I just wanted to perform country music” said Cutter.

At the age of seven Cutter joined the CMSA (Country Music Singers Association) of Oklahoma while being a member, he competed in the CMSA state and national competitions for several years. “I loved being a part of the CMSA and enjoyed competing in the local and national competitions and will always remember those times and have made some lifelong friends there, but it was time for a change” Cutter said.

Cutter went to Norman North High School where he performed and won the annual SPUD (Students Performing unselfish deeds) talent show all four years of his high school career.

After graduating from high school in 2014 Cutter enrolled at UCO (University of Central Oklahoma’s ACM@UCO (Academy of Contemporary Music) program as a vocal performance major. “I had visited ACM back in 2009 to help a production student out at the time with a project he was doing for a class. After I had been there, I thought that would be so cool to go to college there, before I found out about ACM, I had no desire to go to college. Now it is crazy that I have a bachelor’s degree. If you would have told me as a kid I would one day have a bachelor’s degree I would have thought you were crazy” said Cutter.

Cutter loves performing more than anything in the world, but he still finds time to golf, go to the lake, Colorado or Arizona with his family. You can catch Cutter regularly at Toby Keith’s I love this bar and Grill in Bricktown Oklahoma City, Hollywood Corners, The Rodeo Opry in the Stockyards on occasion as well as Redrock Canyon Grill in Norman every Thursday night. And fairs and festivals all across Oklahoma as well as surrounding states.

Song List

Folsom Prison Blues – Johnny Cash

Ring Of Fire – Johnny Cash

Teddy Bear/ Don’t Be Cruel Medley – Elvis Presley

Here For a Good Time – George Strait

Call Me The Breeze – Lynyrd Skynyrd

Guess Things Happen That Way – Johnny Cash

Check Yes or No – George Strait

America First – Merle Haggard

Too Old To Die Young – Moe Bandy

Catch a Falling Star – John Anderson

Chicken Fried – Zac Brown Band

Wagon Wheel – Darius Rucker

The Way I Am – Merle Haggard

Ocean Front Property – George Strait

Let it Go – George Strait

MTA – The Kingston Trio

Tom Dooley – The Kingston Trio

Man Outta Me – Original

Country to Me – Original

Lookin’ Down – Original

Who’s Laughing Now – Original

Footlights – Merle Haggard

Get Rhythm – Johnny Cash

Diggin Up Bones – Randy Travis

He Walked On Water – Randy Travis

Waymore’s Blues – Waylon Jennings

Amanda – Waylon Jennings

Sunday Morning Coming Down – Johnny Cash

I Walk The Line – Johnny Cash

Our Path’s Will Cross Again Sometime – Original

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