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Dead Metal Society

Dead Metal Society

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Members of well known Tulsa bands come together to play music that they love from “back in the day”… Mark from Imzadi………..Todd & Ben from The Element and Radio Radio………’9′ from Forgotten Friday ….and Jason from Caroline’s Spine, Amped & New Science. 80’s metal has all the smokin’ solos, screeching vocals, booming drums, and all the bombastic beauty that has been forgotten in today’s rock….. For all it’s excess and cheesiness, there are some very talented musicians that have been forgotten. As we re-learned these songs from our “hair days”, we had to admire the musicianship of these legendary axe men and vocalists………..

It may not be top of the pop charts now, but we will always remember the greatest music renaissance of all time. And… in remembrance….we invite you to join….
The Dead Metal Society
Coming very soon to a venue near you!!!

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