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DJ Evan C

DJ Evan C

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DJ Evan C was born and raised in Oklahoma City. His earliest musical influences were the sounds of the 1950s and 60s, which were a part of his parents’ everyday listening. From those sounds many new artists and genres including electronic dance music and hip-hop became a staple in his life. “Some of my first records were the Fat Boys and Daft Punk.”

In his early teens Evan began making mix tapes for high school parties and any occasion he could make an excuse for. That love soon prompted him to buy his first turntables. “I remember it was a time when I did a lot of motorcycle riding…I decided to trade in my two wheels for two wheels of a different kind.”

After making quite a name for himself locally and gaining a lot of fans and friends, Evan C partnered with longtime best friend ‘Blake O’ and began DJ’ing with him at concerts and local shows. The list of artists he has played with include the likes of: Sean Paul, Savage, The Paradiso Girls, Jason Derulo, B-Hamp, Jeremiah, and performances at ‘D-Fest’ and other festivals. Aside from performing with big-name artists, Evan C has an A-List of celebrity parties and events to add to his resume, including events for the New England Patriots, The Chicago Bears and other Pro sports players and organizations, including OKC’s own Thunder Basketball.

Evan C’s style consistently escapes categorization which allows him to make guest spots at many of the hottest clubs in OKC. Currently, you can find Evan C performing alongside many of electronic dance music’s finest up and coming artists, as a resident DJ at the legendary ‘Robotic Wednesdays’.

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