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DJ Keegan Kirkhart

DJ Keegan Kirkhart

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Kirkhart Entertainment has been providing unforgettable Wedding and Party DJ services in Oklahoma since 2006. The company features DJ Keegan, who has performed over 300 events and loves working with clients to help them have the BEST day ever!

DJ Keegan loves to meet clients in person or talk to them on the phone to make sure all their questions are answered before their big day. He is always prepared with a large variety of music to create a fun and engaging atmosphere for all to enjoy and he is fully capable of initiating the dancing or simply allowing everyone to hang back and socialize. But most importantly, he wants you to have FUN at your event!

To see DJ Keegan in action, check out two of his most epic wedding videos and see just how much fun everyone had!

Equipment Includes but is not Limited To:


Professional Dance Lighting

Custom Monograms

8 Wired Uplights

Lit Up Facade

Macbook Pro

QSC 15in 1000 Watt Speakers

QSC 18in 1000 Watt Subwoofer

Wireless Handheld microphone

Wireless Microphone for Pastor

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