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DJ Philip Game Show

DJ Philip Game Show

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  • Several game options available:
    • Family Feud (most popular format)
    • Regular Trivia – video clips/audio clips/ true-false (questions are fully customizable for an additional charge, great for training seminars)
    • Wheel of Fortune (done by video graphics)
    • Giant Bingo
  • High percentage of participation, approx. 80%
  • 90 minutes total
  • 8’ x 6’ screen for timer, can add logo on the side
  • Philip will DJ with music before/after/during dinner, etc.

Two four-foot skirted tables, with an LED light bar on each, will be placed for members of each team to stand behind. There will be a “Face-Off” controller that has a Buzzer on each side to press. This controller will be located between the two tables separating the teams. Each team will consist of four members.

The person standing closest to the FACE OFF Controller for each team will be deemed “Team Captain” and will begin game play. They approach the controller, shake hands and play begins.  The game being played will be a very fast paced question/answer game.  I will read off the “definition” of a word and the players will try to buzz in first and give the word associated with that “definition.” One point will be awarded for every correct answer, no points will be taken away for a wrong answer. One round has six total “definitions” and “answers.” Players will only get one guess for each question. If no one gives the correct answer, we will move to the next “definition.” The round will be over when all 6 questions have been asked. After each round, the next player for each team will join me in the middle at the FACE OFF Controller. The game will be completed when all four members of each team have played.

The total scores for each team will then be counted and that will be the TEAM TOTAL.  The team with the most total points at the end of the evening will be declared the grand champion. Usually, people volunteer to play. In order to cut down the time selecting teams, you might have people create their own teams in advance, send you their team name and then I would call them during the party randomly for each game. If you would like to award prizes to teams, we can award to first, second and third place, or simply the team with the highest point total.

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