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Erik Knowles

Erik Knowles

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A proud Texas native and U.S. Marine, Erik Knowles honed his comedic craft on America’s west coast in San Diego, CA where he climbed to the top ranks of the city’s extensive comedy scene over the course of 11 years.  He was presented with the Veteran Achievement Award at the San Diego Comedy Festival, Best Comedian award at the Veteran’s Choice Awards, and he won first place in 2016’s The World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas.


Erik has appeared on Tonight in San Diego, Laughs on Fox, Man-up Stand-up on Hulu, and many local news appearances.  His debut album, HIGH AND TIGHT is one of the most popular comedy albums amongst US troops, veterans, and civilians alike.  His comedy brings a seldom-seen perspective of a class clown trying to blend in with the most professional fighting force known to man.  It was not easy for him, and he found himself in many hilarious situations.  He also shares his experience with parenthood, step-parenthood, the difference between the two, medicinal marijuana, and the dangers of technology.  He also takes a light-hearted look at politics and offers some fun and resourceful solutions.  Erik Knowles gets rave reviews and is a fan favorite in every market he has played.

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