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Grassland Caravan

Grassland Caravan

Artist Information

Grassland Caravan reflects the wide range of shared musical experiences in Oklahoma. Grown in the same soil as Woody Guthrie, Wanda Jackson, JJ Cale, Leon Russell, and so many others, there is an undeniable sense of home in their music. They are also influenced by the great rock artists which have passed through the world’s consciousness, including the Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead, the Who, Bruce Springsteen, and more.

The band differs from others through a perfect coupling of maturity and experience to address timeless issues and the energy to deliver the message with a dagger. Unpretentious, unassuming, and genuine, Grassland Caravan is the old friend who pours you one whiskey to acknowledge the pain, and another to celebrate.

Song List

All Night Long 

Any Time of Day Motel 

Bacon in the Skillet 

CC Rider 

Drunken Hillbillies 

Eminence Front 

Everything I’m Worth 

Far From Home Blues 

Folsom Prison Blues 

Fox on the Run 

Friend of the Devil / Cecelia 

Half Moon Risin’ 

Help Yourself 

I’m on Fire 

Jalopy Song 


Little Black Train 

Moonshine Waltz 

My Bone’s Gonna Rise Again 

Old #7 

Paint it Black 

Plain and Simple 

Poor Man 

Raise a Ruckus 

Shack #9 

Stubborn Love 

Tear it Down 

Trials and Troubles 

Up on the mountaintop 

Wagon Wheel 

Whatcha Gonna Do? 


Widower’s Heart

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