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“HYBRID” is a unique musical performance group that has found a way to merge the best qualities of both a band, and a DJ, while also incorporating a new and exciting way to include professionalvideo and lighting into the production.

VIDEO – The first thing you will notice when experiencing a HYBRID performance is the large videowall on stage. Captivating the attention of the audience and drawing them onto the dance floor. Thisis a one-of-a-kind experience in local music, and the main reason HYBRID is set apart from all otherlocal music options.

LIGHTING – The magic of HYBRID happens when the images on the video wall perfectly coordinatewith a light show that looks & feels like a smaller version of a major concert, and this doesn’t happenby accident. Countless hours are spent in programming a light show that is perfectly in sync with thevideo wall, bringing together these two elements (lights & video) to work as one – complimentingeach other. This is groundbreaking production for local live music, setting HYBRID in a category ofit’s own.

BAND – HYBRID incorporates the strengths of a live band, without including all the complicationsand weaknesses. HYBRID uses two highly professional musicians (drummer and keyboardist/guitarist) to bring the excitement and energy of a live band onto the stage. This human element iswhat is always missing from a DJ. The musicians in HYBRID are highly experienced and professional,and have performed around the world. They bring that irreplaceable human element needed.

DJ – There’s no avoiding the obvious advantages of having a DJ at your party, such as unlimited songselection and volume control. Live bands are fun, but can have their own set of complications, suchas limited song selection, being too loud, and even a lack of professionalism at times. HYBRID hasworked hard to bring together the advantages of a live band…….and a DJ, without all thedisadvantages of either. This is a truly unique concept that is usually only seen in Paris, London, andNew York City.HYBRID is in a category of it’s own, and the only musical performance group of it’s kind in this part ofthe country.

Song List


Bruno Mars

Justin Timberlake


Taylor Swift

Demi Lovato



Katy Perry


Neon Trees

The Chainsmokers

Maroon 5

Meghan Trainor

Lady Gaga

Portugal. The Man


Camila Cabello

Calvin Harris

Twenty One Pilots


Spice Girls

Backstreet Boys



The Commodores

Wild Cherry

Sister Sledge

Earth Wind & Fire

Michael Jackson

Will Smith

Whitney Houston

Jackson 5


Rick Springfield



Bee Gees

Hall & Oates



Stevie Wonder

The Temptations

Al Green

Aretha Franklin

James Brown

Van Morrison

The Beatles

The Beach Boys

Wilson Pickett

Neil Diamond

Lynyrd Skynyrd

The Monkees

Tina Turner

Chuck Berry

The Everly Bothers

Frank Sinatra

Otis Redding

Marvin Gaye

Creedence Clearwater

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