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Kash Stevens

Kash Stevens

Artist Information

Kash Stephens received his Bachelor’s degree in music performance from Oral Roberts University. He is currently in the master’s program at the University of Oklahoma and will be graduating in the spring of 2016. Kash has over ten years of experience in playing in bands all over Oklahoma and surrounding states. He also plays solo performances regularly for a variety of events. Kash has been teaching guitar lessons for over ten years and is currently teaching at Mcmichael’s music in Norman OK. Kash’s eclectic playing style is perfect for many social events including weddings, private parties, and many types of social gatherings. His playing styles include classical, blues, jazz, and pop music arranged for solo guitar. Kash’s reverence for music sustains his passion and he loves sharing that passion with others.

Song List

Seal – Kiss From a rose.

Francisco Terrega – Requerdos.

Mason Willaoms – Classical Gas.

Romanza – Andrea Bocelli

Johann Sebastian Bach – Jesus

Leyenda – Isaac Albéniz

Beatles – Hey Jude

Beatles – Let It Be

Beatles – Yesterday

Beatles – Something

Beatles – Elenor Rigby

Mozart – Turkish March

Coltrane – Dedicated to you

Carcassi – study #2

Carcassi – study #3

Carcassi – study #7

Bach – Prelude in d minor.

Bach – prelude from suite #5

Bach – Prelude from suite#1

Bach – Allemende from suite #1

Bach – Govotte and rondo from suite #5.

Fernando Sor – study # 5

Leo Brower – Study #2

Maurio Gulliani – etude in e minor.

Villa Lobos – etude #1

Villa Lobos – prelude #1

Barrios Augustus Mongore – Allegro Solomne.

Barrios Mongore – Prelude in c minor.

Fransisco Terrega – Capricho Arabe.

California Dreaming – Mamas and the Papas.

Fields of Gold – Sting

Mad World – Gary Jules

Aint no sunshine when she’s gone – Bill withers.

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