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Magician Lee Bayless

Magician Lee Bayless

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Lee Bayless is a seasoned professional entertainer with over 30 years of stage experience performing stand-up comedy, comedy-magic and his amazing pickpocket show. Lee delivers a fast-paced show of witty comedy and he makes an audience belly laugh with clean material and no profanity.

Lee Bayless is an acclaimed Master of Pickpocket and he presents an astonishing demonstration of his deft touch and fast hands combined with his unique sense of humor. Audience members are literally stripped clean after a few brief moments on stage with Lee who steals their watches, billfolds, belts, glasses, handkerchiefs and more!

Lee also performs perplexing comedy-magic effects using random members of the audience in hilarious situations. Lee is a long-time performing member of the world famous Magic Castle and is one of the few performers who are qualified to work in all three disciplines of magic which include close-up, parlour and stage magic.

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