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The Beatles: Me and My Monkey

The Beatles: Me and My Monkey

Artist Information

Rod Bollinger as John Lennon (vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica)
Paul Sacco as Paul McCartney (vocals, bass, keyboards)
George Jara as George Harrison (vocals, guitar)
Michael Daniel as Ringo Starr (vocals, drums)

The two original members, George Jara (George Harrison) and Rod Bollinger (John Lennon), have been with the group since it’s inception just six years ago, adding Michael Daniel (Ringo Starr) shortly there afterward, and as recently as three years ago, adding Paul Sacco (Paul McCartney) to complete the line-up.

Since then the band has traveled extensively perfecting its’ world class ‘Tribute to The Beatles’ along the way. With numerous television appearances, and headlining many festivals as well as opening for a handful of classic rock favorites in the United States (even playing with the likes of Denny Laine (of Paul McCartney’s Wings) and Gordon Waller of Peter and Gordon), Me & My Monkey was more ready than ever to invade the shores of the U.K. In an interview with a brit-pop magazine, Paul Sacco (Paul McCartney) states: “We feel there is only one way to do this…the right way. We’ll stop at nothing to give people the feeling that they are actually seeing and hearing the Beatles live.” “We actually are very competitive within the band itself, as far as the attention to detail. We are our own toughest critics.”

With incredible attention to detail, Me and My Monkey is a Beatles tribute band that recreates the feeling of seeing a live Beatles show. The band has toured around the U.S. and played in the U.K. The Fort Worth Weekly elected Me and My Monkey as the Best Cover Band 2003.

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