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Mentalist William Rader

Mentalist William Rader

Artist Information

William Rader understands the importance that you place on high quality entertainment. He has spent the past decade working with companies and individuals to help make their events exciting, fun, and amazing. William entertains with mind reading and magic all across America.

Whether on stage or close-up, William presents a highly interactive showthat will keep your audience on the edge of their seats. William combines deduction, psychology, and suggestion to influence thoughts and read minds. His thought provoking magic and mind reading will captivate your audience. You and your guests will be amazed and astonished – Guaranteed!

Client Reviews

He was very entertaining and a talented magician. He made the party moreentertaining for everyone involved. He was definitely a highlight to theparty and we will not hesitate to hire William for future events. – Tiffany Dyer

William is a vibrant and very diverse magician. He has performed for myemployees who were all stunned. I highly recommend him for corporatefunctions. – Chad Achord

William is talented and professional and relates to a crowd as though hewere relating to each person one-on-one. We received great feedback from ourclients who thoroughly enjoyed their evening. We will definitely hireWilliam Rader for future events and believe you will be glad you did aswell. – Suzanne Grimaud

As far as Rader’s act, wow! I was fortunate enough to have William pick upmy thoughts. He read my freaking mind! The show was full of comedy, mystery,and magic. You should see this show if you want to leave feeling amazed,bewildered, and utterly at a loss of understanding for the capabilities ofthe human mind. – Meredith Donaldson

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