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Mike Breeze

Mike Breeze

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“Stage Hypnosis has been a favorite form of entertainment for as long as it has been around. What separates a hypnosis show from any other show is that my show is 100% audience participation! My show is corporate friendly (G Rated), so you never have to worry about the material used. I believe that you don’t have to embarrass the volunteers in order to have a good time.

No Pressure
I never pressure anyone into being in my show, I truly only want people that want to be in the show. However, after most every show I will usually have several people come up and tell me that they wish they would have volunteered. It’s a mental vacation and it is like getting 6 hours of natural sleep!

It’s Natural
Hypnosis is completely natural. Most people believe that the hypnotist can “make” people do stuff and this simply is not true. I like to think of myself as a good guy, but if I could “make” people do stuff… wife would do the dishes everyday! I always define hypnosis as an “Attention Focusing Tool.”

It’s Easy
I supply everything that you will need to put on a show except the chairs for the volunteers, and of course the volunteers themselves. I provide my own PA system, music, microphone and all of my travel expenses to include mileage and lodging are included in the price already agreed upon. I pride myself on being one of the easiest acts to book and to work with!

As a full-time stage hypnotist with over ten years of experience working within the corporate market, you can be sure that this show will be a hit amongst your audience. Mike understands the pressure of finding Good, Clean, Entertainment for your event, and will go above and beyond to make sure your event is a HUGE SUCCESS!”

Client Reviews

We had Mike do a show for us at our Holiday party and it was a wonderful experience. Everybody had a great time. We didn’t know what to expect at first but were suprised at how entertaining it was. I think he was an exceptional choice for our group and I cannot thank him enough. – Theresa Sutton 

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