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Journey: Revelation

Journey: Revelation

Artist Information

There are tribute bands and there are TRIBUTE bands. Revelation a tribute to Journey started from a hard driving 80’s influenced rock band called “JOKER”. After playing the bar scene lead singer Danny Wayman decided to form a tribute to one of his favorite bands “JOURNEY. Danny with his amazing vocal ability, perfectly emulates the vocal style of STEVE PERRY. “Revelation A Tribute To Journey” was born. With the Thunder of Colin Hinkley on drums, Dave Wooge providing the sounds on keyboards and vocals, John Anderson with the energy of driving bass and also providing voice as another lead vocalist, David Williams who amps up the sound with his electrifying work on lead guitar, rounds out this amazing tribute band. Revelation A Tribute Journey has played on some of the biggist stages in the Kansas City area, like Sandstone amphitheater and head lining events like the 37th annual Santa-Cali-Gon Festival, and in the process is building a huge fan base where ever they play. With dedication and emphasis on detail, “Revelation A Tribute To Journey is a band with the ability to capture the sounds of “JOURNEY” and brings a new meaning and energy to the word “TRIBUTE.”

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