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The Vinyl Stripes

The Vinyl Stripes

Artist Information

Rockabilly, Rock and Roll, Hot Rods, Drive-In movies, Car Hops,Surf Music, Early Elvis and Sun Records! It’s that classic sound and look of the 1950’s and 60’s that influences the Texas based band “The Vinyl Stripes!”

With their skinny ties, 50’s pork pie hats,Gretsch guitars, slappin standup bass and retro rocking drums, The Vinyl Stripes perform those great Rockabilly, Rock and Roll and Surf classics. Sun Records hits from Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee. Rockers by Gene Vincent, The Beatles, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, Surf music-Dick Dale,Ventures and many other great artists of that era! The Vinyl Stripes also have many new original songs that even sound like they were from those long ago rocking days that you will love!

From 50’s Rockabilly to 60’s Surf Jams, Boppin Swing, Vintage Rock and Roll and instrumental guitar jams, you will definitely get real gone to the sounds of the Vinyl Stripes! Normally performing as a trio ( guitar, bass, and drums ), they are also able to add in a sax player if requested. Great for that big swinging growlin Rock and Roll sound!

The band has performed for just about every kind of event from concerts and festivals, to being favorites at many casinos, fundraisers,and for all kinds of private events. They also perform for swing dances, 1950’s and 60’s theme events, and are sought after for car and motorcycle shows both locally, regionally and nationally.

Client Reviews

You all sounded great and the people loved it! –Jamie Milstead

 Thanks for coming you guys put on a great show. –Jared Prince 

You guys really killed it today..thanks! David Wilson 

Everyone is already asking about having you back great show!” -Laurie Schotz

A Front runner in the DFW music scene! –Kaitlin Pennell

The energy that you and the band gave off was contagious and the community loved how enriching and up-tempo the music was from The Vinyl Stripes and how you actually included the audience in some songs! The positive feedback from the attendees was undeniable! Thanks again for an outstanding performance and best of luck in your future endeavors. –Kristi Robich

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