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Tiffany Rogalin

Tiffany Rogalin

Artist Information

Classical Violinist and Violist, Tiffany Rogalin, has performed as a soloist, orchestral and chamber musician across the United States. Some notable groups she has performed with include the Crossings Community Church Orchestra, National Symphony Orchestra, Winston-Salem Symphony, Maryland Symphony, Soulful Symphony, Aretha Franklin Symphony and the band JLC. She has also performed for many weddings, receptions and other one-time events. Mrs. Rogalin includes her own solo and chamber music compositions in her repertoire as well as standard orchestral, chamber and solo musical compositions.

Song List

American Folk Song, “House of the Rising Sun”

J. S. Bach, “Partita No. 2”

J.S. Bach, “Cello Suites arranged for Viola”, No.’s 1-5

Béla Bartok, “Viola Concerto”

Ludwig van Beethoven “Romance No.’s 1-2 for Violin and Piano”

Bruch, “Scottish Fantasy”

Francis Scott Key, “Star Bangled Banner”, arranged by Tiffany Rogalin

William Walton, “Viola Concerto”

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, “Violin Concerto No. 3”

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, “Violin Concerto No. 4”

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, “Violin Concerto No. 5”

Tiffany Rogalin, “Solace Til Beyond”

Tiffany Rogalin, “Deus Amo Te”

Tiffany Rogalin, “Lord Our God”

Tiffany Rogalin, “Unaccompanied Violin Works”

Camille Saint-Seans, “Violin Concerto No. 3”

Franz Schubert, “Ave Maria”, arranged by Tiffany Rogalin

Georg Telemann, “Viola Concerto” in G

Jay Ungar, “Ashokan Farewell”

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