Box Talent Photo Contest!

Posted on October 29, 2012

Hey fans and followers! Box talent has decided to do a photo contest for the month of November. Here is the break down..

Take a artistic, funny, or awesome picture with either your cell phone or a nice camera of one of Box Talent’s exclusive bands (listed below) playing a show.

Submit the photo through the contest app that we will have up on Facebook or submit it buy uploading it to twitter or instagram and use the hashtag #BTAphotocontest

Your photo will stay on the page for the month of November to collect votes from other fans and followers on which picture they think looks the best!

Whose ever picture receives the most votes on the contest app will be winning an ipod shuffle AND their photo will be featured as Box Talent’s cover photo!!

Its that simple! The contest will start the first weekend in November which is the 2nd and run till November 30th

So start thinking about the band you want to take pictures of and get ready for next weekend! 


Download a list of the Exclusicve Band here -->  Exclusive_bands_2.pdf