David Box Speaks At Intern OKC Session

Posted on July 13, 2012

David Box spoke at the third Intern OKC session this past Wednesday at the Skirvin Hilton hotel. Box inspired more than 375 interns by telling them a little bit about how he got started in the entertainment business.

Box reminded interns throughout the presentation to pursue their life passions.

"If you have the chance to take a risk with something, do it. You guys are young and have nothing to lose," Box said.



Intern OKC, a program created by Greater Grads, was developed to help interns discover the advantages of living and working in the OKC area. Intern OKC also provides interns with many networking opportunities.


Box was one of two speakers for the third session. Ryan Groves, CEO of the Wishing Well nonprofit organization, was the second speaker. Groves highlighted the benefits of volunteering for a nonprofit organization.